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Save the Date for NIIC 2015!

The National Immigrant Integration Conference 2015, “New American Dreams: Advancing Opportunity, Equality & Justice,” will be held in Brooklyn, New York from December 13-15, 2015, and co-hosted by the National Partnership for New Americans and the New York Immigration Coalition.

Stay tuned for information about registration, programming, and other exciting events! In the meantime, find out about key speakers and programming at last year’s NIIC 2014 in Los Angeles!

Inside NPNA

NPNA has deep reach into diverse immigrant communities in eleven states across the country. Check out our interactive map to see where Partners are located and what they’re working on.


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    NPNA and the White House Task Force
    on New Americans

    NPNA submitted recommendations to the White House Task Force on New Americans that highlight promising practices, examples of effective local programs, and represent the needs of our i mmigrant and refugee communities.

    On April 14, 2015, the White House Task Force on Immigration released its recommendations to the President, incorporating much of NPNA's input! Find out more about this victory for immigrant integration.


    Appeals Court Denies Emergency Stay Request,
    Keeping Millions of Immigrant Families in Limbo

    On May 26, 2015, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit denied the Department of Justice's request for an emergency stay in the lawsuit Texas v. United States of America. Texas Judge Andrew Hanen issued an injunction in mid-February temporarily halting the implementation of the President's deferred action programs, announced last November. This most recent development was a 2-1 decision, with one dissenting opinion from Judge Higginson.

    While NPNA is disappointed by the court’s ruling, we remain confident that soon our communities will get the relief they rightfully deserve.

    "Immigrant communities are strong. We are resilient. We will continue to prepare," said NPNA Policy Director Tara Raghuveer. "We encourage immigrants who may qualify to gather their documents and to remain vigilant about avoiding notarios and fraudulent practices. Justice will come to our communities." Read entire statement.


    Hillary Clinton comes out strong for our communities

    On May 5, 2015, Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton participated in a roundtable discussion at a Las Vegas high school where she voiced her belief in providing a pathway to citizenship for undocumented Americans, defended President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, and promised to do “even more” if Congress doesn’t pass comprehensive immigration reform.

    "Hillary Clinton gets it: the millions of immigrants living in America today are a tremendous asset. Their contributions should not to be taken for granted, and it is critical that our communities get the full and equal pathway to citizenship that we deserve," said NPNA Policy Director Tara Raghuveer.

    "Clinton's prioritization of hardworking people a welcome change from the current stalemate on immigration in DC and in the courts. We applaud this clear, bold commitment, and we will work to ensure that this results in a robust platform aligned with the interests of our communities."



    Attacks on Birthright Citizenship Unjust,
    Unproductive and Un-American

    America is the world’s most successful experiment in building a nation of immigrants. The Supreme Court has long upheld the 14th amendment guarantee of citizenship to all individuals born in the United States, regardless of their parents’ immigration status.

    On April 29, 2015, the U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee’s Immigration Subcommittee held a hearing to examine whether birthright citizenship is the right policy for America. This is the latest in a series of hateful proposals that undermines the beautiful experiment of American democracy.

    "Attempts to eliminate birthright citizenship and impede family-based immigration are nothing more than ploys to maintain an American underclass. These are unjust, unproductive, and un-American exercises," said NPNA Policy Director Tara Raghuveer. "Citizenship benefits our families, our economy and our democracy. NPNA aims, now and always, to reduce the barriers to citizenship and to bolster the American commitment to a vibrant and welcoming democracy for all."


    A Victory for Immigrants and America

    On November 21, 2014, President Obama announced a series of executive actions on immigration. As part of these actions, he created an interagency White House Task Force on New Americans (Task Force). The National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA) leadership drafted language for the President’s memorandum, most of which is reflected in the final text, and was honored to co-host the White House Immigrant Integration Summit in July 2013, in partnership with Welcoming America.

    The President’s memorandum charges the Task Force with developing a coordinated federal strategy to support civic, economic, and linguistic integration of immigrants and refugees, and bolstering state and local efforts to do the same. The Task Force called for key stakeholders—including the National Partnership for New Americans (NPNA)—to submit recommendations.

    On April 14, 2015, the Task Force on New Americans submitted policy recommendations to President Barack Obama.

    The Task Force recommendations call on the President to strengthen existing pathways to citizenship with a public awareness program and increased grant funding for citizenship services, including an increase in mobile immigration services.

    In addition to other recommendations, the Task Force also calls for new programs and classes to support economic integration of immigrants, including small business-owner classes, increased funding for new workforce programs, and greater access to housing programs.

    Click here to read more!

    Chicago Cities for Citizenship RFP Announced
    for Non-Profits Serving Immigrants

    NPNA is proud to help announce an amazing opportunity for organizations serving immigrant communities across Chicago. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the Chicago Public Library (CPL),Mayor Emanuel joins first ever naturalization ceremony at Chicago City Hall. and the Chicago Public Library Foundation announce a new Chicago Cities for Citizenship Request for Proposal (RFP) for immigrant-serving non-profits. 

    In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of New Americans, the Chicago Cities for Citizenship (Chicago C4C) Program will provide up to $220,000 in funding and seeks applications from qualified organizations working with and behalf of immigrant communities to coordinate naturalization workshops, free immigration legal assistance and financial coaching in Citizenship Corners at Chicago Public Library branches that serve communities with high concentration of immigrants. Find out more and how to apply!


    U.S. Citizenship Out of Reach for
    Many Working Poor Immigrants

    The critical step to the full integration of immigrants in our nation – attaining U.S. citizenship – is out reach for many working poor immigrants. A new report presents first-ever analysis of the roughly 8.8 million lawful permanent residents who are currently eligible to apply for citizenship by income, ethnicity, and education.

    Profiling the Eligible to Naturalize, released in January 2015, aims to help policymakers, advocates, and service providers understand more clearly this pool of potential U.S. citizens. Read the report and download a presentation that reveals this first-ever analysis of who these aspiring Americans are by income, ethnicity, and education, shedding light on the serious issue of how the cost of citizenship has become a systemic barrier for low-income immigrants, particularly Mexican immigrants, to become U.S. citizens.


    We Will Not Be Deterred!

    On February 16, a federal judge issued a nationwide preliminary injunction that temporarily blocks the implementation of President Obama's executive order on immigration, in a move that will affect 5 million undocumented immigrants in America who may be eligible for the proposed deferred action provisions (DACA+ and DAPA). Applicants who qualify for DACA under the 2012 provisions will not be affected by this injunction, and the enforcement priorities outlined in the President's November announcement will still stand.

    Statement from Tara Raghuveer, Policy Director, National Partnership for New Americans:

    "This injunction is just another challenge in a long fight for a vibrant and just democracy for all," Raghuveer said, "In the end, we are confident that more reasoned voices will win out and that this decision will be reversed in a higher court. We urge the 5th circuit court to consider this case with all possible haste to fulfill the hopes and dreams of millions of undocumented immigrants aspiring to work in and contribute to our country." Read more!


    NPNA Applauds Obama for Protecting Families,
    Prioritizing Immigrant Integration

    NPNA applauds the President for providing relief to millions of immigrants, as well as prioritizing immigrant integration efforts that strengthen our nation. Eligible immigrants will not only be protected from deportation, but will also be able to work and travel more freely.

    In December 2014, the nation's largest gathering of leaders in immigrant integration met at the National Immigrant Integration Conference 2014 to plan the best way forward to help register millions of eligible candidates for relief. Read more!

    Naturalization Will Bring Billions into
    Cities’ Economies

    On Citizenship Day 2014, NPNA, the Center for Popular Democracy, and the Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) released a report titled Citizenship: A Wise Investment for Cities on the civic, economic, and social benefits of naturalization in American cities.

    The report coincided with events in the Cities of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles announcing their mayors’ collaboration on a national immigrant naturalization effort called Cities for Citizenship. Read more!

    Congratulations to Citi's Bob Annibale, White House Champion for Change!

    As a leading Citigroup executive, Annibale has been a champion for immigrant communities, particularly in ensuring more citizenship services are available. Under Annibale's, Citi Community Development is working with a growing number of municipal governments and leading non-profit organizations to demonstrate that promoting citizenship for eligible legal permanent residents is not only good for those individuals but also for our economy and our country.

    Bob helps implement public/private partnerships and scalable solutions that aim to empower low-income, eligible immigrants to build new financial identities as they navigate their way through becoming full-fledged American citizens. He considers citizenship and immigrant integration to be powerful platforms to promote widespread financial inclusion and inclusive economic growth.

    White House Convening on Immigrant and Refugee Integration

    On July 17, nearly 200 immigrants, immigrant integration experts, and leaders of state and local governments from across the country gathered at the first ever White House Convening on Immigrant and Refugee Integration. NPNA and Welcoming America, with the White House, assembled this group to explore how the federal government can engage with communities on immigrant integration. Read more!

    Obama's Inaction on Immigration Harms Families and Nation

    On Saturday, September 6, the White House announced that President Obama would be delaying any executive action on administrative relief measures until after the November elections, breaking his June 30 promise to take action, where Congress had failed, by the end of the summer.

    The following is a statement from Joshua Hoyt, Executive Director, National Partnership for New Americans:

    "Our nation has a deep and rich immigrant history. America’s vitality—civic, economic, and social—is rooted in our ongoing commitment to welcoming and integrating newcomers, and to upholding equality and opportunity as fundamental American values. On Saturday President Obama delayed his promised relief for immigrant families, cowering before electoral pressures and turning his back on those families and on the nation itself. Read More!

     Stand With Children, Stand with Families

    The “not our kids, not our problem” rhetoric has gone too far. Right-wing, anti-immigrant organizers have grasped the recent news about unaccompanied children at the border as an opportunity to rally xenophobic vitriol. Washington has cowered to the pressure, reacting with detentions and deportations.

    This is not the America we strive to be, and NPNA plans to stand with the children, their families, and resist the politics of hate. Read More!

    Nation’s Mayors Vote for Citizenship

    The U.S. Conference of Mayors voted overwhelmingly to pass a resolution urging USCIS and DHS to make policy changes that will increase the number of U.S. Citizens from the pool of eligible lawful permanent residents.

    The resolution calls for minimizing the barriers to naturalization by lowering the citizenship fees - what NPNA has been advocating for since 2011. Read more!

    Citizenship Day 2014 Highlights Growing
    Partnership between NPNA and AFL-CIO

    Citizenship Day 2014 marks another milestone in a campaign spearheaded by the AFL-CIO and NPNA to help eligible immigrant workers across the country become U.S. citizens. AFL-CIO locals will assist NPNA in putting on some of the 15 large-scale naturalization workshops on Saturday, April 26 which is Citizenship Day 2014, a national event sponsored by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).

    This budding partnership between a major union representing 12.5 million workers and a national organization advancing active citizenship involves education, capacity building, and unique pilot projects that greatly expand capacity to mobilize workers around engaged citizenship. This “Full Citizenship” campaign is launched as Congress debates a path to citizenship for the undocumented, and as immigrant rights groups prepare for the coming voter mobilization season.

    Find out more.


    Op-Ed: Scars from the Immigration Wars

    To kick off 2014, The Chicago Tribune published an op-ed, “Scars from the Immigration Wars,” co-written by NPNA Executive Direcgtor Joshua Hoyt and Professor Manuel Pastor of the University of Southern California. The op-ed talked about the history of anti-immigrant and racial backlash in America and its lasting scars - and the challenges these present in our current political landscape:

    “While last year did not bring the comprehensive immigration reform that advocates desired, one key feature of the political landscape has changed: the white-hot hatred of immigrants in years past has burnt out.” 

    Read more here...

    U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Pérez stands with New Americans

    The sixth annual National Immigrant Integration Conference was a huge success! Several powerful leaders joined over 600 immigrant integration practitioners to discuss strengthening immigrant rights and making America more inclusive, including U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas E. Pérez. Pérez addressed NIIC 2013 on November 18th during a lively plenary on the Transformational Power of Reform.

    Pérez serves as the nation’s 26th Secretary of Labor, and was sworn in on July 23, 2013. Previously, Pérez served as Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Justice and as Secretary of Maryland’s Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. In 2002, he became the first Latino ever elected to the Montgomery County Council.

    Read more here...


    NYT Editorial Echoes Our Support For Lower Fees

    A recent report commissioned by the Partnership, "Nurturing Naturalization: Could Lowering the Fee Help?", highlights the barrier that high citizenship application fees creates for promising New Americans. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and U.S. Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) echo this concern in a strong op-ed in today's New York Times, calling for a sensible fee structure that encourages citizenship by reducing the naturalization fee, which, they say, is “one of the biggest obstacles on that path."

    "The fees to become a naturalized citizen have risen significantly over the last decade," said Emanuel and Gutierrez in the op-ed. "In 1999, a citizenship application cost $225. The near-tripling of the fee since then has led to a sharp drop in applications for naturalization."

    Read more here...


    Investment in Citizenship Will Strengthen Country, Assist Promising Americans Currently Being Priced Out

    An investment in citizenship and reduction of naturalization fees will strengthen our democracy and will keep the United States economically competitive globally, a group of researchers and immigrant advocates said on a national media call today. A new report — "Nurturing Naturalization: Could Lowering the Fee Help?" — indicates that for working poor immigrants with less education and income, the $680 cost of applying for U.S. citizenship has become a major barrier to becoming Americans — especially for Mexican immigrants.

    The "Nurturing Naturalization" report was conducted by the University of Southern California Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration (CSII) and commissioned by the National Partnership for New Americans (Partnership). Together with a report released last week by the Pew Hispanic Center (“The Path Not Taken”), the new report shows that the American dream of citizenship has become unaffordable for many immigrants to the U.S.

    Read the full report here...